MadyX is a software package suite of pre & post processing applications for creating and editing MADYMO models and for analysis of the simulation results. The application includes dedicated utilities for working with MADYMO’s model such as XConverter, XReport, XPedPro, XPSM and so on.

Every feature and function of MadyX has been developed to be applied for all the aspects of occupant kinematics simulation. It has user-friendly processes for MADYMO XML input files, converting LS-DYNA files and KN3, D3plot viewing so that you can use this to develop vehicle safety restraint system development and vehicle crash performance and bio-mechanical/medical application.

MadyX has been studied and developed for several years with domestic and abroad authorities of automotive companies, safety restraint system companies and occupant simulation engineering companies
Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy truck, Airbag
Comfort Simulation
Frontal / Side crash analysis
Biomechanical research industries
MadyX’s own fast graphic library
Smooth run in a standard PC
The change of XML can be checked graphically.
Provides several utilities.
MadyX main : reads and edits MADYMO XML & DTD files and visualizes it graphically.
XConverter : converts LS-DYNA to MADYMO and MADYMO to LS-DYNA.
XCoupling : Import LS-DYNA files for making a coupled simulation.
XPedPro : calculates impact energy, angle, mass and speed from input values.
XPSM : makes a new prescribed motion file from a given prescribed file.
XPost : visualizes the analysis of MADYMO and the graphs which enable them to edit.
XReport : makes summary reports from ISO test data and MADYMO simulation data.
OS : MS Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Main memory : over 1GB
HDD space : 1GB
Graphic board : OpenGL 3D accelerated graphic board